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It was a simple question: how do we organize class reunions without putting too much burden on any one person or group to plan them? The answer is just as simple: by doing it together!

And so was born the idea of Mega Reunion, a celebration of all who graduated in the 80s. Whether you were in a class that had to forgo your fortieth in light of Covid-19, or just recently celebrated your thirtieth , or anyone in between, it’s a chance to get together in a big way to make a big difference in our hometown.

This is our chance to return, reconnect, reminisce, rekindle, rejoice, remember and, well, revitalize. You see, with ten years of committed classmates – along with our fun-loving spirit and tourism dollars – we can make just as big an impact on Massena as it’s had on us.

Explore the whole weekend’s full slate of activities.

Planning Committee

It takes a village. Many thanks to your committee of dedicated volunteers. Want to join the fun? It’s not too late! The more, the merrier. Join us.

  • Lori Collins ’80
    Tom Saxby ’80
    Sandy Widrick ’80
    Karen Wood ’80
    Kathleen Ahfeld ’81
    Karen Boots Chauvin ’81
    Kirk McGregor ’81
    Mike Romeo ’81
    Mona Ouimet Vroman ’81
    Tricia Wilson ’81
    Alan Ashley ’82
    Bruce Beckstead ’82
    Elly Bronchetti ’82
    Sue Hauer ’82
    Andy LaPointe ’82
    Maria LaRosa ’82
    Jim Littlejohn ’82
    Lisa Terminelli Long ’82
    Nancy Fiacco Mailhot ’82
    Jerry Marlow ’82
    Dan Miller ’82
    Darrell Morrow ’82
    Kris Knieriem ’82
    Linda (Laurion) Ryan ’82
    Judy Serabian ’82
    Shari Fournier Siewert ’82
    Nora Witkop Vice ’82
    Debra Saumier Wright ’82
    Jodi LaBelle ’83
    Steve Rombough ’83
    Kirk Wilmshurst ’83
    Cha Cha Fiacco Zappia ’83
    Lisa Chagnon McKeel ’84
    Cathy Shampine Moore ’84
    MaryAnn (Fiacco) Post ’84
    Brenda Brousseau ’85
    Rebecca Casselman ’85
    Joelle Whalen Cicca ’85
    Eva McPherson ’85
    Deidra Peets ’85
    Ed Portolese ’85
    Lisa Cline Carr ’86
    Doug Debien ’86
    Peter Devine ’86
    April (Sucese) Fayette ’86
    Kathy Perrine ’86
    Ida Thompson ’86
    Mike Violi ’86
    Lisa Darrow ’87
    Julie (Neverette) Locey ’87
    Charity (Tarbell) Lazore ’87
    Ken McGowan ’87
    April (Terrance) Printup ’87
    Rick Rakoce ’87
    Susan Wood ’87
    Chrissy Dufrane Amo ’88
    Deanna (Smith) Bollacke ’88
    Molly Clough ’88
    Dawniey (Scott) Cree ’88
    Dawn (Trevino) Fitzgerald ’88
    Wayne Samphier ’88
    Raelee (Gardner) Simcox ’88
    Anne (Avery) Truax ’88
    Shannon Truax Richardson ’88
    Norm Worden ‘88
    Christine (Premo) Abrantes ’89
    Kristy (Durant) Swan ’89
    Stacey (Terrance) Wood ’89

CLASS LEADS are marked in blue with links to their email addresses.